Director of Photography

It was a honor to be part of the creation of this video for Mo Gawdat and his One Billion Happy movement.

This Mission may be the most important of our time.

It’s not crazy, together we can make this happen.

"This mission is my attempt to fulfill the task assigned to me by my happiness idol, my wonderful son, Ali. My hope is that by sharing his message -his peaceful way of living- I may be able to honor his memory and continue his legacy. I tried to imagine the positive impact spreading this message could create, and I realized that maybe it is not for nothing that I have a high-profile job with global reach. So I took on an ambitious mission: To help one billion people become happier, a movement that I ask you to join so that together we can create a small-scale global pandemic of Ali-style joy."

-Mo Gawdat


Making one billion people happy is Mo Gawdat’s goal in life. This personal moonshot is Mo’s mission to deliver his happiness message to one billion people around the world to honor the peaceful life of his son, Ali, who passed away unexpectedly during a routine medical procedure.

About Mo Gawdat

After working for IBM and Microsoft, Mo landed a job at Google and helped start the platform in more than 50 emerging markets across the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. He then joined Google [x] as Chief Business Officer and lived at the cutting edge of technology. Mo Gawdat is the author of Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy, an international bestseller translated in 28 languages. He left Google [x] in February 2018 to dedicate the rest of his life and resources to #onebillionhappy.

About Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path To Joy

(Gallery Books Trade Paperback; January 2, 2018)

Mo Gawdat’s book shares an engineer's search for happiness, a topic traditionally approached from a spiritual or psychological perspective. Through 12 years of research, Mo created an algorithm to reach a state of happiness regardless of life’s circumstances. Mo believes that no matter what obstacles we face, what burdens we bear, what trials we’ve experienced, we can all be content with our present situation and optimistic about the future.


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